When our Heart Blossoms

I wanted to write, a bit, tonight about what it takes to see our heart’s love bloom even when we might be living in sea of unpleasant information.

Within the center of our chest is more than just this beautiful, organic machine-like pump that rhythmically regulates the life force of blood, by pushing and pulling this flow within our body.

This ‘more’ is our feeling heart. It gives meaning, purpose, and hope to our natural, mechanical side.

Beyond the pre-occupations of our thinking mind, there is this feeling heart that holds within it a million points of inspiring interests, god-like wonders, passionate feelings, and endless scenes of transcendent beauty – our unique heart offers an innumerable set of directional paths of meaning that we can follow in the real world. It is our compass in this vast world of infinite possibilities.

But, sometimes we might be living in a dirty, spiraling toilet bowl (lol) of unpleasant information that is constantly flooding the voice of our beautiful heart. Our hearts cannot compete with all these distractions. If we aren’t careful, we lose the focus of our lives and the dreams of our heart go down the drain as we age and our life quickly slips through the timeline of our busy schedules in our electronic calendars.

With all this flooding info, how can our hearts compete? How can we even listen to what our heart’s saying?

I challenge you to step into your heart and close the door on the voices and preoccupations of negativity and innocent distractions in your life.

How do we listen to our heart?
The heart needs undivided attention, a careful ear, and a confident patience. All you have to do is sit quietly and listen to the faint sound of its hopes and deepest desires. Write down what comes to you in a small notebook. As you write it down, pay attention to its themes and patterns.

Our hearts need our undivided attention and love like a beautiful plant that sits in dusty soil needs clean water.

If you take the time to cultivate this quiet calm and deep listening, the guiding hopes and desires within your heart will surface and speak, giving you meaningful direction in this vast sea of artificial meaning.

It’s there, but you have to first close the door on all the info: turn off the phone, turn off the tv, turn off the noise. Sit, or lay, in silence and begin writing.

As you begin to notice the subtle direction of your heart, what gives real meaning to your life, you’ll now have an option to either nurture that direction, silence it, or ignore it. But, you can’t change it. Your hearts love are more powerful than the ambitions of your ego and the grandeur of your mind.

Whenever you nurture your heart’s love, you will begin to experience a type of joy you may have never experienced before. It’s a faint joy that grows stronger the more you focus on it. The more you spend your precious time and resources on it, the more it blossoms like a beautiful flower.

Soon, your self-direction will become this life dance you have with your heart’s love.

The joy of following just one of your heart’s desires will fill your life with excitement, purity, and child-like wonder.

Now imagine your life as you walk along 2-5 different paths of your heart’s loves and joys?

It is an inner harmony. It is an experience of meaning that creates lasting happiness. This meaning layers our unique and beautiful perspective that is literally the only one of its kind in the entire universe. Just like crystal-like snowflakes, no two hearts are exactly the same.

Anyways, these are just a few thoughts I had tonight that I wanted to share with you. I hope they fill your mind with possibilities and help, somehow, to find your heart’s joy in this life we’re experiencing.

Peace and Love,

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