A Tibetan Buddhist Temple in Salt Lake City, Utah?

I’m taking a wonderful series of beginner photography classes at www.pictureline.com in Salt Lake City. (The ‘Circle of Confusion’ was my favorite term from this photography series, which is referring to the shutter, apeture, and iso settings on a DSLR and their complicated, often counter-intuitive, relationship).

For part of the class we actually get to go outside and walk around with our cameras, getting great advice from the teaching photographer as we are walking and taking pictures.

I love it!

Today, as we were on our photo walk, I somehow mysteriously ended up inside a Tibetan Buddhist Temple (probably because it was planned as part of our photo walk route today. But, I think it’s more that the entire universe aligned and wanted me to be there for some magical reason! …Probably cause I need serious buddhist healing help…)

Anywho, we walked around like chickens scratching for corn kernals on the farm trying to get that perfect back-alley shot. I had a great time! Here are some of my photos from today:








If you haven’t heard about this Tibetan temple, I highly recommend it. It was very colorful and peaceful inside and I plan on going back to take advantage of some of their meditation time. An interesting fact is that the temple used to be a LDS chapel back in the day.

They offer classes in Tibetan Buddhism, meditation time, and much more. Here is their website: http://www.urgyensamtenling.org (It’s best to view their site on a laptop or desktop.) They are not located in the safest neighborhood, so please travel wisely, especially if it is at night.

They are located at 740 300 W, Salt Lake City, UT 84101.

Happy Travels!

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