The Learning Kitchen at Bill White Farms


(Pictured: Rob Harter and Bill White)

Bill White is somewhat of a local man of mystery. He has a long list of beautiful and successful restaurants in town and has done a lot for our local nonprofit community. He even has his own nonprofit farm. I had never seen him in person. I don’t think many people have; yet, his influence is felt everywhere in Park City.

I was asked to help produce a video for CCPC about the learning kitchen event at Bill White Farms. Previously, Bill generously stepped up and said he would host a learning kitchen series at his farm while CCPC is building their new structure that will eventually house the CCPC learning kitchen and their new, expanded food pantry.

Here is the video I recorded during the learning kitchen event at the farm:

I, personally, was blown away by the insight, big heart, and vision of Bill White. I wish I could have recorded his entire speech that night. Here are some of the main points I remember from his speech:

  1. Food is an essential part to every community. It’s a wonderful way to appreciate each other’s culture.
  2. Use food to sit down together as a family at least 1x a week.
  3. Use food as a way to connect with your sons and daughters. Prepare food together.
  4. Never forget the recipes of your mother and grandmother. Preserve your food heritage.
  5. Life is more enjoyable, satifsying, and healthier with good food.

It was a touching moment to see Bill talk about his Italian mother and grandmother and how they prepared meals together as a family. During the learning kitchen event, he demonstrated how to cook a delicious meal for 4 for $10. It was amazing to see. It was inspiring.





Bill White Farms features private dinners and public events. They also host tours.

CCPC is a nonprofit based in Park City, Utah, that will feature a learning kitchen, expanded food pantry, expanded counseling center, a discounted boutique store and much more. They are currently in the middle of their public capital campaign.

It was a memorable night in Park City. The Farm’s cooking and serving staff were so professional and incredibly nice. I hope to return to photograph some of the animals on their farm.

– Nate Vineyard

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